On Sunday July 16th, 2017, 57 beautiful delegates from all over the country gathered in Toronto to compete for the national title of Miss World Canada. The contestants started their busy week by attending the 2017 MWC Sponsor Party and were given the task to blog the entire event. Just like the beautiful delegates, the sponsors whom represented brands and local attractions were looking to make an impact at the party.

Maxine Warsh kicked off the night and she spoke about the importance of skin care and provided helpful tips on how to properly remove cosmetics. The Warsh Cloth keeps your skin healthy and clean because it does not contain any chemicals, make up removers or soaps. You simply need to run the Warsh cloth under the water and rinse before cleansing your face- it’s that easy! You will be amazed with the results and the longevity of the product.

Helene Clarkson was at the party too. She brought some of this seasons trendiest fashions that are perfect for the urban traveler. Her designs are not only stylish but they are also versatile. Many of her items can be flipped inside out or worn from front to back while still offering a different look, which makes it easy to pack light when you are traveling and have limited space in your luggage!

Pina and Lucy from The Kraco were also present; they had a cute beauty and candy bar set up with samples for all the delegates. These ladies are truly inspiring as they provide products that are 100% natural and support women in Ghana! On top of being an amazing and hydrating product, it is awesome to know that with the purchase of each product you will in turn be helping support women across the globe. My personal favorite was the peppermint, I suggest you order some to find the one you like best.


Nine West was the official sponsor for the pageant and they provided the shoes for all of the delegates to wear (and keep- wow!) for the pageant. They had a cute display set up at the party and measurements were taken later in the evening so the ladies could all have matching opening number and swimwear shoes for the show!

There were also lots of Skechers at the event, ranging from casual flats to sneakers that lit up with each step. The ladies enjoyed wearing these, especially while trying out their moves using Isabella Hoops Entertainment. This was certainly entertaining to watch and many filmed boomerangs of them attempting unique hula-hoop tricks.

Speaking of boomerangs, next up was Raven social media photo booth, which was set up for the ladies to make memories with at the event. The cool thing about this photo booth was that you could edit the images and videos you took before sending them directly to your phone!

Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels handed out beach balls to each of the delegates. They also hosted a challenge: the delegate that could inflate the beach ball fully first won a white Snappy Towel! This was the first of many prizes to be won during the week.

Tastic Marketing also was there to demonstrate different marketing solutions and how to promote your personal brand, which is extremely relevant to the social media aspect of the competition.

Hashtagio social media aggregator had a big screen set up that projected and shared all of the images that were hashtagged with #MissWorldCanda. This was really cool because it allowed the delegates to see how everyone was preparing for the event and how they were promoting their individual titles before attending the national pageant.

Speaking of social media, Lily Laio from Street Chic was also at the party to make everyone smile. She gave each of the delegates the most adorable tank tops that read: “I like it when you smile I love it when I’m the reason”, how appropriate! This motto is one that fits perfectly with Miss World Canada, and all the girls were thrilled to be getting a shirt that supported the up and coming online fashion magazine that they all wrote personal blogs for regarding affordable fashions in their different regions. Check out the website to read the blogs submitted by each delegate here: StreetChic.ca

Last but not least… Just in case the delegates forgot to pack their toothpaste and toothbrushes, Archer Dental was there to save the day! They handed out gift bags to every delegate, and would surely come in handy after enjoying a big piece of cake.



Can’t wait to share all the exciting behind the scenes photos and videos from the events this week! Be sure to follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter!


Miss Nova Scotia World 2017

Written by: Rachel
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  1. Sharon says:

    Way to present the sponsors rachel, a big thank you is never enough when people take time out of their busy schedules to attend events, but you are always there to say a big thank you to everyone who assists and helps you along your journey. Without this blog I would have considered them company names that just want to help and be sponsors for this event but now I know enough about the individual, their role as a company , and some individuals by face recognition. Thank you , well done Rachel

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