On Sunday July 16th, 2017, 57 beautiful delegates from all over the country gathered in Toronto to compete for the national title of Miss World Canada. The contestants started their busy week by attending the 2017 MWC Sponsor Party and were given the task to blog the entire event. Just like the beautiful delegates, the sponsors whom represented brands and local attractions were looking to make an impact at the party.

Maxine Warsh kicked off the night and she spoke about the importance of skin care and provided helpful tips on how to properly remove cosmetics. The Warsh Cloth keeps your skin healthy and clean because it does not contain any chemicals, make up removers or soaps. You simply need to run the Warsh cloth under the water and rinse before cleansing your face- it’s that easy! You will be amazed with the results and the longevity of the product.

Helene Clarkson was at the party too. She brought some of this seasons trendiest fashions that are perfect for the urban traveler. Her designs are not only stylish but they are also versatile. Many of her items can be flipped inside out or worn from front to back while still offering a different look, which makes it easy to pack light when you are traveling and have limited space in your luggage!

Pina and Lucy from The Kraco were also present; they had a cute beauty and candy bar set up with samples for all the delegates. These ladies are truly inspiring as they provide products that are 100% natural and support women in Ghana! On top of being an amazing and hydrating product, it is awesome to know that with the purchase of each product you will in turn be helping support women across the globe. My personal favorite was the peppermint, I suggest you order some to find the one you like best.


Nine West was the official sponsor for the pageant and they provided the shoes for all of the delegates to wear (and keep- wow!) for the pageant. They had a cute display set up at the party and measurements were taken later in the evening so the ladies could all have matching opening number and swimwear shoes for the show!

There were also lots of Skechers at the event, ranging from casual flats to sneakers that lit up with each step. The ladies enjoyed wearing these, especially while trying out their moves using Isabella Hoops Entertainment. This was certainly entertaining to watch and many filmed boomerangs of them attempting unique hula-hoop tricks.

Speaking of boomerangs, next up was Raven social media photo booth, which was set up for the ladies to make memories with at the event. The cool thing about this photo booth was that you could edit the images and videos you took before sending them directly to your phone!

Snappy Towels microfiber beach towels handed out beach balls to each of the delegates. They also hosted a challenge: the delegate that could inflate the beach ball fully first won a white Snappy Towel! This was the first of many prizes to be won during the week.

Tastic Marketing also was there to demonstrate different marketing solutions and how to promote your personal brand, which is extremely relevant to the social media aspect of the competition.

Hashtagio social media aggregator had a big screen set up that projected and shared all of the images that were hashtagged with #MissWorldCanda. This was really cool because it allowed the delegates to see how everyone was preparing for the event and how they were promoting their individual titles before attending the national pageant.

Speaking of social media, Lily Laio from Street Chic was also at the party to make everyone smile. She gave each of the delegates the most adorable tank tops that read: “I like it when you smile I love it when I’m the reason”, how appropriate! This motto is one that fits perfectly with Miss World Canada, and all the girls were thrilled to be getting a shirt that supported the up and coming online fashion magazine that they all wrote personal blogs for regarding affordable fashions in their different regions. Check out the website to read the blogs submitted by each delegate here: StreetChic.ca

Last but not least… Just in case the delegates forgot to pack their toothpaste and toothbrushes, Archer Dental was there to save the day! They handed out gift bags to every delegate, and would surely come in handy after enjoying a big piece of cake.



Can’t wait to share all the exciting behind the scenes photos and videos from the events this week! Be sure to follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter!


Miss Nova Scotia World 2017

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Welcome to Halifax! For the fashion forward shopper, the city has a fabulous shopping district that includes a variety of smaller boutiques, as well as a shopping center located right on Spring Garden Road. If you’re a bargain hunter, be sure to hit up the second hand clothing stores that carry trendy vintage pieces at affordable prices. 

On a bright and warm summers day, Carly met a friend for lunch at the Bicycle Thief patio. She wore a light, tank dress from Dynamite and paired it with a floral shaw. This simple and sophisticated ensemble was made to look effortless by leaving her natural curls down and relaxed.

Carly is a dedicated and hardworking university student, but that doesn’t mean she’s too busy to take time out of her busy schedule to enjoy the local attractions the city has to offer! She wore this cool outfit to meet friends at the Halifax Jazz Festival, and does she ever look trendy with her fabulous topknot! The versatility of this outfit allows her to go straight to the bars on Argyle Street without needing to run home to change first.

When Carly and her beau want to enjoy a quiet and romantic evening, they have a variety of options! Whether they want to enjoy a casual dinner at a local pub, or a fancier dinner at an upscale restaurant, Halifax has you covered! She chose to wear this flattering floral dress from MinkPink to dinner in Bishop’s Landing.

Carly also leads a very active lifestyle and can be found at the gym when she isn’t at school, working or with friends. Her favorite line of clothing to wear to the gym is Victoria’s Secret, they offer comfortable clothing with lots of support to ensure a successful workout.

Halifax Seaport Market is the busiest on Sunday mornings, which makes Carly’s outfit perfect for browsing the goods offered by the local vendors. Her high-waisted maxi skirt was paired with a simple tank and loafers to pull this outfit together. She is able to comfortably enjoy a coffee and walk on the waterfront, and she has her cool shades to help keep the sun out of her eyes. 

Living in the heart of Halifax has allowed Carly to experience everything that this beautiful city has to offer. Her ability to mix and match patterns and colors highlights this seasons trendiest looks and really shows off her fun and bright personality.



Miss Nova Scotia World 2017

Written by: Rachel
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Working away from home has taught me to truly value my time in Nova Scotia and to make the most of the moments that I am able to share with my family and friends. When I think of home, I often reminisce on the simple delights like when I would relax on the beach with sand between my toes, the wind rustling through my salt-water hair and the warm sun touching my skin. This may be what comes to your mind first too, when thinking of the east coast and the abundance of beautiful beaches that they posses. But when I think of Nova Scotia’s most treasured gem, it is actually one without connection to the ocean.

Erected in 1903, the Boer War Memorial Fountain commemorates the service of Canadian soldiers in the South African war.

So if you are headed to the Maritimes, visiting the Halifax Public Gardens is a must! Embedded in the heart of Halifax is a historic public garden that is cherished by residents and visitors alike. Centrally located and only steps away from the city’s premier shopping district of Spring Garden Road, this is the ideal place to visit for a quiet stroll or to simply sit down and read a book in the bustling city.

Don’t forget to bring your camera! Much like Miss World, Halifax’s Public Garden celebrates beauty and diversity. The eye-popping and colourful array of blooming flowers in the spring and summer is what makes the gardens a well-known and admired tourist attraction. Along with the beautiful and captivating displays of floral beds for the public to enjoy, there are also statues, memorials, fountains and ponds with wildlife enclosures overlooking the formal gardens.

Happy 150th Birthday!

Just like the establishment of the Canadian Confederation, this peaceful retreat was officially opened in 1867 as Canada’s first public garden and still maintains much of its original Victorian character. The Halifax Public Garden is a 16-acre oasis featuring over 140 species of trees, as well as an abundance of exotic, semi-tropical flowers that provide an enriched Victorian flair. Open free of charge and offering weekly tours, this accessible public destination has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada since 1984.

The wrought-iron welcomes visitors and gate bears the coat of arms of Halifax, “E Mari Merces”, meaning wealth from the sea.

Easily spotted thanks to its distinct wrought-iron fence and ornate set of gates, Halifax Public Gardens is said to be one of the most notable surviving Victorian gardens in North America. Consistent with my own humble opinion, Halifax Public Garden was voted “Best Public Space” by The Coast and appointed #4 on the list of “Top 10 North American Gardens worth travelling for” in 2017. Over the years, it has become a tradition for locals to use the gardens as a place of gathering to commemorate special events and milestones including (but not limited to) weddings, graduations and proms.

I’ve also had the privilege of capturing magnificent memories at the gardens; with family and friends I’ve celebrated two proms and my university graduation, in both the sunshine and rain. But it’s not always the big life events that are the ones that I look back on and cherish the most. I have been fortunate enough to capture many other beautiful memories at the gardens starting from a young age. I would often go there with my family and friends to enjoy each other’s company and admire what I would consider to be not only a work of nature, but a work of art as well.

Celebrating Sackville High School Prom 2010.

Growing up, my father always had a camera in hand. He wanted to capture the moments that we shared together as a family, and I’ve always admired that about him. So when we would go to the gardens, I was inspired to use his camera to capture these moments too. My younger sister and I would go off exploring and I would direct her to pose “casually” in different areas of the gardens; we would also play chess, look out at the Titanic Model in Griffin’s Pond and visit the bird enclosures to admire the geese and swans.

These are some of my fondest memories; they are irreplaceable and each one holds a special place in my heart. When I look back at these photos a huge smile spreads across my face, and it feels just like yesterday that we were there wandering amongst the magical gardens. Spending quality time with the ones that I love is what I value the most in this world, and the gardens have always provided a place for me to do so. It is important for us to remember to take time out our busy schedules to enjoy and appreciate the true beauty that life has to offer.

Enjoying a beautiful summer day in front of “The Upper Bridge” in the Halifax Public Gardens; the elaborate balusters makes this destination a favourite for photography.

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I, Rachel, have received the humbling and prestige honour of being crowned your Miss Nova Scotia World 2017. I am 24 years young and I work in the oil sands as an inspector. I bet you’re curious as to how that became my choice of career, so let me give you a brief introduction to myself and how I ended up on this path.

From a young age, I was passionate about education and helping others. My parents taught me that knowledge is power, and that it is something that no one can take from you. They encouraged me to be ambitious and to chase my dreams; they guided me but also allowed me to pursue my independence, because what better way to learn than through personal experience?

BTS at one of my very first shoots with David Hou in Toronto, Fall 2008.

I knew my mom modelled when she was younger, so of course it became a common interest to me because I wanted to be just like her. At the ripe age of 14, I competed in Top Model Search Canada and that’s when I was fortunate enough to make my debut into the fashion industry. Over the years I received representation from notorious agencies such as Giovanni, Next, Numa and Chantale Nadeau. This was all made possible because Dan Grant, a man who I still consider a great friend to this day, scouted me at the convention. I pursued modelling while staying on top of my studies in high school, and loved every moment of it.

A series of photographs captured by the talented Felix Wong.

Although it was a hard decision to make, I knew if I wanted to be successful throughout university that it would be best to put modelling on hold. After many years of hard work and dedication, I am proudly able to say that I graduated from Dalhousie University with my Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Neuroscience. In 2015, I received my diploma in Ultrasonics from the College of the North Atlantic. My motivation to register in this particular program was fueled by my desire to make my own schedule and have extended periods of time off, which would allow me to spend quality time with my family and friends.

After establishing myself in the oil and gas industry and normalizing my work schedule, I felt the desire to embark on some new goals. Since I was still passionate about fitness and modelling, I decided to combine the two by entering the bodybuilding world and I competed in my first bikini competition. Being on stage gave me back the confidence that I lacked at the time, and just made me feel genuinely good about myself. It was such a memorable and rewarding experience, one that inspired me to reach even further for the stars.

Backstage at The Atlantic Classic, April 2017. This was my first bikini competition.

It was shortly after this event that I came across an advertisement for Miss World Canada. I knew it was a long shot, but I also thought “you won’t know unless you try”. So you can only imagine my surprise and disbelief when I was invited to represent our beautiful province, Nova Scotia, at the national competition for the Miss World Canada 2017 title this summer!

This is literally a dream come true, and I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement from my loving family and friends. I hope that my story inspires others to set goals for themselves and to work hard to achieve them. All of these experiences have collectively shaped the woman I am today; I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that I am exactly where I am intended to be.

Sincerely yours,


Miss Nova Scotia World 2017

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