With pageant week quickly approaching, I decided to write a blog about how I maintain a healthy lifestyle and how important and beneficially to do so!

When I say “healthy lifestyle”, I’m not talking about how skinny or fit you are, I am referring to eating well, exercising and having good sleeping habits.

Every day you should have a good breakfast; it’s such an important meal and definitely not one you should skip. With breakfast you should make sure you have portions of protein, carbs and fats; a good breakfast will help you throughout the rest of the day. For lunch, there are so many different options you could have. Be sure to eat enough to keep you feeling full until your suppertime. For supper, you should always make sure you are getting a good amount of protein and other vitamins you need – meat and vegetables are always a great choice for supper. Making sure you eat your three meals per day is very crucial. Also, don’t forget throughout the day to have a few snacks to keep you from getting hungry!

As for exercise, you should try to engage in at least 225 minutes of aerobic exercise every week. This could be done by running, going to work out classes, dancing, sports, going to the gym and much more. There are so many ways to get the exercise you need every week to maintain a healthy life. Make the time to get in your exercise each week! Myself, I make an effort to ensure I can spend one hour a day at the gym and I also have sporting activities 3-4 times a week.

I play soccer as one of the sports I take part in to stay active 😊

I go to the gym for an hour everyday to receive the aerobic exercise I need!

Sleeping is another important part of a healthy lifestyle. You should try to get around 8 hours of consecutive sleep every night to function at your very best. The amount of sleep you get affects your mental and physical health and your quality of life.

Having a balanced and healthy lifestyle has its benefits. In the long-term it will help you maintain a healthy weight which can add years to your life and it can reduce the chances of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity. In the short-term it will make you feel great about yourself and give you more energy.

If you want to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle but you are not sure where to start you can always get connected with a personal trainer who will help determine your exercise regime as well as how to improve your diet. Also remember, it is not wrong to have a treat sometimes and you do not need to work out every day.

Personally I enjoy keeping a healthy lifestyle because it helps with my mental health by making me feel better and because I enjoy doing so!

Yours truly,
Miss World Labrador
Sarah Barry

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