I live in Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador which is located in the West side of Labrador. It has a population of around 2000!!

Wabush was incorporated in 1967, this summer we are currently celebrating our 50th year anniversary! It is a small mining community, in which they mine iron ore.

Like most places in Labrador, Wabush has subarctic winters, winter starts in September and lasts until about May. We like to say we have two seasons, winter and fall as it’s always pretty cold!! We have some of the snowiest winters in all of Canada.

The town is very remote however does have a lot to offer! There are many outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, sliding, hiking, camping, and kayaking! Wabush is 7km away from Labrador City which has a population of 11 000 and is where we buy groceries, shop and go to restaurants! We do not have amenities such as a movie theatre, many clothing stores or public busing systems.

Even though it is a small remote town, it is a community full of love, support, care and is very friendly! I am so thankful I was raised in a safe town with little crime and it has also taught me many important things about life.

Personally, my favourite thing about my hometown is everyone knows everyone. Whenever I go in public people always know you, you can speak with everyone! I also love the beautiful scenery we have and being able to go skidooing in the winter. I started to drive a skidoo at the age of 4 and have loved doing so ever since.

I would definitely recommend visiting Labrador, it’s for sure a beautiful place!!


Sarah Barry

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