Greetings everyone! My name is Precious Abygail Dedam. I am a 22 year old, from a small but proud community called Esgenoopetitj First Nation, in New Brunswick. The English name is called Burnt Church. This is for no reason other then in the year 1758 the British invaded the community and burnt the first stone church in New Brunswick, hence the name.

I am a Native American, Acadian and Irish woman who found a great passion in her Native American culture. I do a traditional dance called Fancy Shawl. This dance represents the butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon and spreading it’s wings to enjoy and appreciate our Mother Earth. I’ve been doing this dance ever since I was about 11 years old. I have been invited to many places in the Maritimes to demonstrate, teach and present my cultural dance.

For the last two years I’ve continuously been teaching myself and making regalias (the “outfit” in which we do our dance) for younger females in my community and myself!

This ain’t my first rodeo in pageantry. It all started when my mom placed me in a random one when I was not even a year old, and before she knew it, I was a winner at the Miss Sunburst Canada pageant. She claims I was Baby Canada 1998. I then stopped until I was offered to participate in a few more in high school, in which I’ve won most of them. I then continued with Miss Teen Maritime Intl 2015, giving me the chance to go to Miss Teenage Canada 2016 as Miss Teenage Maritimes 2016. During this competition, I received Miss Peoples Choice Award and also placed in the Top 5! I had a short break until End of 2018 where I was chosen the be the Miss Landscapes Canada 2019. I was honored to once again receive the award of Miss Photogenic, which was voted by the public via Facebook, holding the most points by likes and shares of my official photo shoot.  Here I am now, as your Miss Maritime World 2020, and this will not be my last title.

After high school, I went to college to become a Massage Therapist at the Atlantic College of Massage Therapy in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Although I graduated, I did not continue in this field, and that is okay because I found my new work passion. I decided to try working in a daycare facility, and ever since my first day, I absolutely love it. I was always told to work with kids but I never knew I would love it as much as I currently do. I plan to get my college certificate as a Early Child Care Educator in the next year.

My family from both sides love playing and singing music. My grandfather was actually in a popular band, for the region I come from, when he was younger. I discovered my talent when I was in grade 8 and I was approached to be in a Christmas Choir Show. In my high school years, I’ve been part of the choir and other Christmas shows. After high school I was asked numerous times to sing the national anthem in french for our local hockey games. I started to sing the national anthem bilingually (french and English). Last year I was surprised to be asked to sing it in my native language, I couldn’t at the time, but I’ve practiced for months until I was asked to sing once again and so I did. I sang our national anthem in not one, not two, but three languages!

Thanks to my involvement, I was asked to become a model for a local clothing line called Country Liberty. They are located in my province, sell in the atlantic provinces and Alberta. They will soon be expanding to other areas. I was raised in a country environment and am a nature child. I am so proud to be part of this team as a ambassador! Pssst…. if you order online I have a discount code (Abygail15).

Talking about ambassadors programs, I was also asked by the founder of PascalSwim, La Maison de Pascale and I agreed in a blink of an eye. Incredibly grateful for have these opportunities! (Get yourself something nice with my discount code “Abygail4Pascale”) ❤️.



I am a strong advocate for Violence Against Women. It all started on September 5th, 2009. Our community came to a big shock. My cousin, Hilary Bonnell went missing. It took 2 months before her cousin lead the police to her body. This had made me realize it can be anywhere, not just in big cities. I could have also been me, who knows? For several years later, I would talk about her story, to not let us forget her name.

With the years I’ve been publicly talking about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women until I’ve realized that we also had a immense number of Indigenous women victims of violence of some sort. This is when I realized I had to do something and promote advocacy about Violence Against Women – especially for Indigenous women and girls.

Now that you know me better, I’d like to know you! Have you found your passion? If so, explain it to me in the comment sections!

With warm regards,

Precious Abygail! Xo

Written by: Precious
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