Skyla is one of the strongest, most incredible people I have ever met. At only 10 years old, she is a true role model to all.

Skyla was diagnosed with a brain tumour on the left side of her brain at just 23 months of age. Her condition qualified her to receive a wish. She received her wish at the age of 4. Her wish was to meet all the Disney princesses.

After speaking to Skyla’s mother Tammy, I truly understood how much a wish can do for not only the child but the entire family. During the darkest time in a family’s life, The Children’s Wish Foundation has the power of giving the gift of light. It gives families something positive to look forward to and to think about other than the illness they are facing.

After receiving her wish, Skyla and her family wanted to help the amazing Children’s Wish Foundation as much as they could. They are very involved in many different fundraisers and events.

Here is the video of our interview! Thank you so much to Skyla and her wonderful family for welcoming me with open arms into their home and allowing me to film this video.

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Naomi Colford- Miss Maritime World 2019

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