Hi there, Courtney here. As Miss Newfoundland and Labrador World 2019, I want to show young women and girls that they can do anything, including run for and hold public office. It’s so important that we have more women and girls in our governments because representation matters. It is hard to make decisions on someone else’s behalf when you don’t understand their experiences.

It is well-known that women running for and holding public office often get treated very poorly. They are attacked in sexist ways, ways that men would never be attacked. They are often asked how they can balance public office with motherhood.

Women and girls are superheroes. We are powerful and we are strong. We have excellent decision-making skills and work well under pressure, and are great multitaskers. We are also empathetic, a quality that’s very important in a public official. It is important to have the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes to try to help them in whatever situation they find themselves in.

Making decisions on behalf of the people you represent is an enormous responsibility, and an enormous privilege. But with more women in politics, we could close the gender wage gap and inspire more women and girls to pursue their dreams. That is why as Miss Newfoundland and Labrador World 2019, I want to encourage young women and girls to consider a career in public service.

Some women that have inspired my own involvement in politics are the Honourable Judy Foote, the first female Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Governor General Julie Payette, former astronaut. Women and girls can do amazing things. We just need to decide to do them.

With love,

Courtney Jones – Miss Newfoundland and Labrador World 2019

Written by: Courtney
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